Wed 07 May 2014

Thank you so much for joining us! Hi, hello. How are you feeling today? Oh, that's nice. Well let me tell you what; we are on top of the world right now and beyond excited to share with you six beautifully crafted songs designed to get your booty shakin and your good vibes bouncin. We are pleased to release to you for free streaming on our site, "DANCE FLORA!" 

Check them out. Show a friend. Clean your house or pay your bills. This music will lift your spirits to a new dimension of bliss and excitment. 

If you'd like to purchase it, we are offering it for $5. You can donate to our crowd tilt campaign where you will find a charming little video describing what we are going to be doing in the very near future. Once you donate, we will enter your email address into our system and you will get your songs!

Much love & thank you

With heart,


Paul Waxman, Sean Brennan, Greg Muller, David Moroney, & Jake Brennan